About This Study

This research aims to assess how type 2 diabetes develops in both ethnic groups to help to improve future prevention and treatment strategies.


Participants will have their risk for diabetes measured and will be reimbursed up to £260 for their time

About this study

We are investigating the mechanisms by which type 2 diabetes develops in men of Black West African ethnicity and White European ethnicity. We are recruiting healthy, non-diabetic men, aged 18-65 years old, of either Black West African or White European ethnicity to participate in this research. We will assess your risk of diabetes and eligible volunteers will be asked to attend 4 visits at King’s College Hospital or St Thomas’ Hospital London. Volunteers will be reimbursed up to £260 for their time. 


Why are we conducting this reasearch? 

To undertake a detailed investigation of the mechanisms by which diabetes develops and how this differs between people of Black West African and White European origin. Our findings should enable the development of better prevention strategies and treatments for diabetes for people from these ethnic backgrounds. 

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Contact: Toyosi Bello

07947 859 786