Experienced based, or participatory co-design is being used increasingly in health research. It refers to the process where patients, healthcare professionals and the case of HEAL-D, community leaders, work in partnership to research and develop healthcare programmes.


The process involves gathering experiences from each stakeholder group, through in-depth interviewing, observations and group discussions. Then working together to design a programme or service which each group has played a role in developing and shaping. This process helps ensure the programmes that are developed are valuable to patients and practical to implement.


In the HEAL-D study we will work with African & Caribbean Type 2 Diabetes patients, Healthcare Providers such as GPs, Diabetes Dietitians, Nurses, Community leaders such as Diabetes UK Community Champions and Faith Leaders. We will meet patients in groups and interview Community & Church Leaders and Healthcare Providers on a one-to-one basis. We want to understand what advice and support will help Type 2 Diabetes patients to adopt a programme of healthy eating and active lifestyle to support their health and how it is best delivered in a community setting. We will then work with these groups to design the programme in a series of workshops.


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