Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyles for Diabetes (HEAL-D) in African and Caribbean communities.

HEAL-D is a culturally-tailored diabetes self-management education and support programme that aims to help people living with type 2 diabetes from African and Caribbean communities to achieve evidence-based diet and lifestyle goals through supporting and motivating the development of self-management skills.


HEAL-D integrates evidence-based behaviour change techniques, dietary counselling and exercise classes to achieve evidence-based lifestyle goals. 

Working in partnership with people living with type 2 diabetes, healthcare practitioners and community leaders, HEAL-D has been developed using rigorous and innovative co-creation methods. Service user involvement is at the core of HEAL-D. Ultimately aiming to improve healthcare access and engagement amongst our local communities, we have used co-creation methods to identify ways to overcome barriers to healthcare engagement.


We have worked with mosques and churches to foster engagement with our communities. We have connected with community ‘gatekeepers’ such as faith leaders, to open up communication and foster the trust of patients. Through our community engagement work we have developed a better understanding of how to make the HEAL-D programme more relevant. 

In 2019 HEAL-D won the Quality in Care Award for Diabetes Education Programmes.
Judges commended the programme:

“This entry went far and above what is needed, and carved a significant area of benefit within a problem area for education programmes that is so often forgotten about.  

The judges admired that those involved actively went out into different communities and encouraged involvement where there otherwise may have been none.  

The entry laid out a clear plan and achieved what it set out to do: break the barriers between diabetes education, and make knowledge for people with diabetes completely accessible."

HEAL-D QiC award 2.JPG